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Screenplay pattern

Recently I gave a presentation at the Dutch Testnet Autumn conference about the Screenplay pattern. It was nice to attend a conference in person again and meet old friends, enjoy the company of fellow testers and enjoy good food! The slidedeck of …

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Introducing Test Automation, part 1

Many blogs, magazines and books already explain the technical difficulties of test automation. In this post I want to explain some of the organisational pitfalls I have come across in my past projects. For over 15 years I have been working in test …

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My experiences as SANS facilitator

At the BruCon conference in October 2016 I had an interesting conversation at the SANS stand. Their collection of security trainings was impressive, but unfortunately outside of my budget. However, they did mention there is something like the …

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Gherkin Tips & Tricks

A few months ago, I was selected to give a presentation at the Testnet ‘voorjaarsevenement’. My talk was about Gherkin and how to improve your Feature files and step definitions. It’s time to put it on the blog. Instead of writing an introduction to …

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Making a Breakout game with Scratch

Lately I’ve been involved with CoderDojo. It’s real fun to challenge children to be creative with code. A tool we start with is Scratch. Now, if you have programmed in ‘real’ programming languages, you may think Scratch is only for children, but it …

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Decoding mp3 files with a right click

Recently I made a very good deal on a used NI Maschine Mk1. It is a nifty musical device, includes lots of drum kits and allows me to quickly make some nice tracks (or better: musical snippets). It’s lots of fun! Another part of Maschine is that it …

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