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Post about a Windows trick to decode MP3 files

Recently I made a very good deal on a used NI Maschine Mk1.

Maschine Mk1

It is a nifty musical device, includes lots of drum kits and allows me to quickly make some nice tracks (or better: musical snippets). It’s lots of fun!

Another part of Maschine is that it really simplifies sampling, like this guy demonstrates:

Lots of people take old vinyl records and record a sample through a Numark record player. I don’t have a Numark and I don’t have vinyl records. But I do have lots of CD’s ripped to mp3 files. Unfortunately Maschine doesn’t support mp3 files, only wav files.

How to convert them?

  • Of course there is Audacity and it even allows batch conversion, but it still is a too much work: open Audacity, open files, batch convert, close Audacity, …
  • I’ve tried looking for programs that would allow me to right click the file in Windows Explorer and convert it. They are available, often install add/malware, but no free programs or they are way to heavy.

Solution: Lame. Next to encoding files, it can also decode them with the –decode option.

Adding that command to the context menu can be done with NirSoft FileTypesMan. (check out the other tools at NirSoft!)

  • Open FileTypesMan,
  • search for mp3,
  • Add new action ‘DecodeToWAV’.
  • For the command-line, browse to the directory where you put lame.exe and add ‘ –decode’.

That’s it!

Right click samples in Explorer, select DecodeToWAV and moments later you have a .wav version in the same directory. Couldn’t be simpler.

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