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Quality Center and BPT testing experiences

At my current customer we are working extensively with Business Process Testing (BPT) in Quality Center 10, and now recently ALM 11.52. As you may know, BPT is an implementation of keyword-driven test automation. The idea of BPT (or keyword-driven …

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Sharing your limited hotel wifi network

Sometimes you stay at a hotel and they provide you with a free or paid Wifi connection. However, it is limited to only one device. And there you stand with your phone (data is too expensive since you are roaming), tablet (perhaps only Wifi available) …

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Studying for Professional Scrum Master exam

Agile and certifications, is this a good match? Usually agile supporters are proud to not be certified. I don’t know, but at least several founders of Scrum seem to think it is. You have 2 big Scrum certification organisations: Scrum Alliance, who …

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Test data generation tools

As a tester you’ll often need to generate test data. A lot can be achieved with Microsoft Excel or Open/LibreOffice Calc or any other spreadsheet. However there are tools specialized in generating test data. Several commercial tools focus at …

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