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Lego and new media

Lego has always been of big interest to me. From my first Lego City kits to my Mindstorms 1st generation kit, they were again and again very interesting to build and play with. Recently during our (almost) daily walk at work, we had a discussion on …

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My list of Windows Tools

I’ll admit it: most of my work is still done on a Windows box. Linux is used on my home server and of course at most of the clients Linux is used in the embedded systems or as server OS for the applications. But my laptops all use at least Windows, …

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Book review: Batch Testen

A book review I’ve been meaning to write for some time: Batch Testen by ir. Dew Persad. A few months ago a possible client in the printing industry asked for an assessment of their testing efforts. Most of their software runs in batches. Having …

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