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Project Ardatis 2005

Data Migration Test Analyst


Ardatis was creating the Ventouris application for the administrative management of 8 independent social secretaries for freelancers. It was to replace an ancient mainframe application from the 1970s. It was the biggest Agile Scrum/XP project in the BeNeLux at the time. 5 Teams worked simultaneous on the application. Cegeka bought Ardatis in 2006.
My responsibility was to test design and execute data migration tests. One of the five teams was responsible for the data migration and my responsibility was to create automated tests to follow the development work. The new database layout changes continuously according to what the Agile teams deemed necessary. My test strategy was based on customers in the database, where I looked up a customer with all its data in the old database layout through SQL queries. Verifications were done both in the new database with SQL queries and in the web application through the use of Selenium Core.

  • Date: September 2005 to December 2005
  • Tools: SQL, Selenium