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Project iChoosr 2017

Quality Coach, Test Automator


(iChoosr)[https://www.ichoosr.be/] is an independent organiser of group sales. They allow participants to save money when buying energy or home solar panel installations. It was founded in 2008 in the Netherlands. Over 2.6 million people have accepted a personal proposal by iChoosr to save money in over 222 auctions.

iChoosr development works with Agile processes, but didn’t have any dedicated test engineers working for them. I was asked to set up structured testing with test automation. The goal was that the company would hire in-house testers to continue my work.

I set up a maintainable test automation framework in .NET with NUnit and Selenium WebDriver using Page Objects.

Next to the technical test automation work, I set up a way to keep track of the requirements in a lightweight manner using a Test Requirements Hierarchy. Also gave many suggestions to improve the way of working using a Scrum/Kanban hybrid with distributed development teams. Finally I also improved the application and data security.