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Project Philips 1999

Tester & Test Architect


Philips is a large consumer electronics company. In Bruges they created high-end televisions.

I started as a junior tester at Philips Bruges in the TV Platform group. This is the software layer that makes an abstraction of the hardware. During my time there, I got the testing virus and following trainings to become a better tester, first the ISEB Foundation, later the ISEB Practitioner in 2004.
My role in the organisation grew towards a test architect for the new digital televisions where all processing was done not in hardware, but in software on a DSP (Digital Signal Processors) called Trimedia. This was developed by Philips Semiconductors in Eindhoven on the High-Tech Campus where I worked the last few years.
In my final months working for Philips I applied the Test Maturity Model to improve the testing processes in this CMM level 4 organization.