ISTQB Foundation

In this 3 day course you’ll learn the basics of software testing according to the international renowned ISTQB testing methodology.


Chris Van Bael
Training creator and Course Director

Chris is an experienced tester and trainer. He has given this training to a few hundreds of participants.


Price: 1.295€

Exam: 250€

Length: 3 Days (incl. optional exam)

Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Information: training@tesuqa.com

The 2018 Foundation Level qualification is suitable for anyone who needs to demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing including people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.
The Foundation Level syllabus forms the basis of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) Certified Tester Scheme.
ISTQB® Foundation Level is relevant across software delivery practices including Waterfall, Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.
Skills Gained
  • Promote efficient and effective communication by using a common vocabulary for software testing.
  • Understand fundamental concepts of software testing.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how different development and testing practices, and different constraints on testing, may apply in optimizing testing to different contexts.
  • Contribute effectively in reviews.
  • Use established techniques for designing tests at all test levels.
  • Interpret and execute tests from given test specifications. Report on test results.
  • Understand test management principles for resources, strategies, planning, project control and risk management.
  • Write and communicate clear and understandable defect reports.
  • Understand the project factors that drive the test priorities and test approach.
  • Understand the value that software testing brings to stakeholders.
  • Appreciate how testing activities and work products align with project objectives, measures and targets.
  • Assist in the selection and implementation process of testing tool.
There are no prerequisites for this certification.
Overview of Content

Content Day 1
Fundamentals of Testing:
  • What is testing?
  • Why is testing necessary?
  • 7 testing principles
  • The test process
  • The psychology of testing
Testing throughout the software development life cycle:
  • Software development lifecycle models
  • Test levels
  • Test types
Content Day 2
Static testing:
  • Static analysis
  • Reviews
Test techniques:
  • Black-box techniques
  • White-box techniques
  • Experience-based techniques
Test management:
  • Test organization
  • Test planning and Estimation
Content Day 3
Test management:
  • Test monitoring and control
  • Configuration management
  • Risk and testing
Tool support for testing:
  • Test tool considerations
  • Effective use of tools
Exam training
Exam Information
The Foundation exam comprises 40 multiple choice questions, with a pass mark grade of 65% to be completed within 60 minutes.
Participants that take the exam not in their spoken language, will receive additional 25% more time (an additional 15 minutes), for a total of 75 minutes.
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