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At the BruCon conference in October 2016 I had an interesting conversation at the SANS stand. Their collection of security trainings was impressive, but unfortunately outside of my budget. However, they did mention there is something like the Work-Study program.

So I applied for the SANS Brussels Winter conference in December. End of December I got an email back that I was selected for the Work-Study program!

Brussels Winter conference

For a fraction of the price you get the complete training, 2 preparation exams, the real exam, online training(OnDemand) and audio files of the training. This is really nice.

What you have to do for this nice price?

  • Arrive a day early around 9 am to setup the rooms and network, prepare network, distribute trainingmaterial, etc.
    A lot of work, but I didn’t mind it.
  • Arrive early during the training to prepare the room, help participants and help the trainer.
  • During breaks attend to the classroom to see that nobody who isn’t on the list enters, help the trainer if necessary, fix urgent issues if there are any (usually there weren’t any issues).
  • In the evenings help out a bit. This is usually not much work so normally you can still enjoy the sessions.
  • Probably the last evening, you have to set up a network for the lab session at the last day. This is usually done in 2 hours.
  • At the last training day, tear down the networks, pack up all microphones, network gear, extension cords, training materials, greet each other and go home.
  • The last training day usually stops around 15:00, so you might still be home in time to spend the evening with your family (if you don’t have to travel too far).

So what do you get out of it, next to the training itself and certification?

  • A very busy week, but with lots of good talks, good friendships and good contacts in the business.
  • Introduction into the SANS organization.

For me these advantages were all very valuable to me, so after getting my GIAC Certified Inciden Handler (GICH) certificate following the SEC504 training, I decided to apply again to the Work-Study program. With success because now I can facilitate the FOR508 at SANS Secure Europe in Amsterdam and ICS410 at Munich Summer 2017. Two very interesting trainings that will really help to further advance my security career!

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