Next to trainings and project work, Chris Van Bael is also available for consulancy. This includes assessments, coaching, in-house training and can be tailored to your needs.

Why consultancy?

Many organisations have good developers. Unfortunately, besides unit testing, testing is often not done in a structured way.
tesuqa can help you set up system and acceptance testing in a good and structured way, including maintainable test automation. Using his extensive knowledge from trainings and practical experience from past projects, Chris has successfully done such assignments several times at small (Fifthplay, AAA-LUX, Robojob, SCK-CEN), medium (iChoosr) and large companies (Volvo).

If you already have a test organisation, it may not be delivering the results you expect from it.
Again, Chris can help you find and define the necessary improvements through assessments and coaching, as done at Informat, Kluwer, Belastingdienst, Group Joos, Sabam, Orange and

Why choose tesuqa?

As a freelance test consultant, I don’t have a need to sell you anything else than my trainings, assessments and coaching.
Many, larger, competitors see an assessment as an opportunity to gain a foothold in your company and then sell you one or more of their consultants for longer periods. Since my time is limited, I can help you start the improvement process, but most likely not fully complete it. My goal is to give you a fair, objective assessment in an industry-standard model so that you can implement the improvements on your own, or with help from other consultants.


Having worked for over 20 years in the area of testing, I understand the difficulties organizations may have to improve their testing. Often an outsider can provide an objective and unbiased view of the current state of testing and provide recommendations for improvement.

To assess the quality of your testing effort, I can use the standard test improvement models such as TPI Next and TMMi. Other test assessment models can be used for more specific areas.

TPI Next

TPI Next is a hands-on, easy to use improvement model. It defines 16 key areas that are measured. For each key area, checkpoints are measured and improvement recommendations are provided.
For most organizations, this is very good model to start improving the testing effort.

TPI Next

TPI Next is a registered trademark of Sogeti


TMMi provides a staged representation with 5 levels, similar to CMMi.
It is often used in organizations where CMMi is already used to improve software development.


TMMi is a registered trademark of TMMiFoundation

Agile improvements

Many Agile books say: “Agile teams are self-improving”. And this should be true. However, quite often teams don’t know what exactly needs to be improved and how it should improved.? TI4Agile is a model that can help you achieve the necessary improvements in an Agile context. It follows the TPI Next way of working with key areas, checkpoints and recommendations.


TI4Agile is a registered trademark of Polteq

Test automation improvements

Good, maintainable test automation is not easy to achieve. My training ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer teaches you how to accomplish that. However, sometimes you might want to see where you have certain gaps or see how your automation can be improved. The TI4Automation model helps with that. It follows the TPI Next way of working with key areas, checkpoints and recommendations.


TI4Automation is a registered trademark of Polteq


Very often a team is not well-versed in the area of software testing, or they have followed a test training, but are struggling to apply those concepts in the everyday practice.
Typical questions include:

  • My requirements as missing! How can I make lightweight requirements to refer to?
  • What is a Product Risk Analysis, how does it help focus testing and how do we create it?
  • Which test techniques to use for which requirements?
  • How do I write good acceptance criteria for User Stories?
  • How much should be automated and what should still be done manually?
  • How do I structure my test automation framework and automated test cases?
  • … ?

For these and many other questions you might need an experienced person to ask questions from time to time.
Especially in smaller organizations it can be difficult to find that person. You might not have the budget to hire an expert full-time and most consultancy companies want full-time assignments for their consultants.